Everything you need to know about Solar LED Street Lights

Everything you need to know about Solar LED Street Lights

Solar led street light

While cruising down the down, you might have noticed a few weird looking street lights, carrying a solar panel. Ever wondered what they are?

What are Solar LED Street Lights?

Solar Led Street lights are light sources powered by Solar Panels. They usually consist of a tall pole and a LED lamp. A solar panel is mounted to the pole or placed on top of the lamp itself. The solar panel is connected to a rechargeable battery, which powers up the LED lamp at night.

Components of a Solar LED Street light

Each Solar LED Street Light comprises 4 major parts – A Solar Panel, a Lighting fixture, a rechargeable battery and a pole.

Types of Solar LED Street Lights

There are two types of solar LED Street Lights, classified based on how the components are arranged.

  1. Traditional or Split Solar Street Solar Street Lights
  2. All in one or Integrated Solar Street Lights
  3. Traditional Solar LED Street Lights

In a split Solar LED Street Light, the solar panel, battery and the lamp are independent entities. All of these are mounted on a pole and then connected together.

A lead-acid battery is used in Split Solar Led street light, resulting in lower life time and less weather resistance.

Since the solar panel is mounted separately, the Traditional Solar Street lights have room for larger solar panels to be fixed on the same pole. 

However, installing a Traditional Solar street light is a bit difficult. All the individual parts need to be fixed seperately and then wired together.

  1. All in One Solar LED street Lights

In an Integrated Solar LED Street Light, the panel, lamp, battery and sensors are integrated into a single unit.

All in One Solar LED Street Light uses a Lithium battery. Lithium batteries have longer lifetime and better weather resistance.

Installing an Integrated Solar LED Street light is easier and this ease of installation saves around 60% of installation costs compared to a traditional Solar LED light. However, solar panels in integrated solar street lights are fixed and cannot be changed.


Top Solar LED Street Light Brands in India


  1. Sparkel
  2. Mazda Energy
  3. Cinagro
  4. Esso Fab tech


  1. Sparkel

Sparkel Power and Automation Solution is a all in one manufacturing company that produces everything solar, from fans to street lights.


  1. Mazda Energy

Mazda Energy provides domestic, commercial and industrial lighting solutions.


  1. Cinagro

Cinagro is a company focused mainly on agriculture and farmers. It’s products ranges from drip irrigation systems to Solar Street lights.


  1. Esso Fab Tech

Based in Gujarat, Esso Fab Tech is a multi niche company with products and services ranging from demolition work to clamps and bolts.


Regular Street Light vs Solar LED street lights, which one is better?


To aptly compare the two, let us consider 5 parameters; environment, durability, cost, visibility and dependability.


  1. Impact on the environment.

Solar LED street lights have no observed negative impact on the environment. Traditional street lights use electricity, which is majorly produced from non replenishable sources like petroleum. Moreover, these sources have carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases as their byproducts.


  1. Durability

The lifespan of Solar LED street light is 10 times more than that of a traditional street light.


  1. Cost

The apparatus cost of Solar LED lights is much higher than the traditional street lights. However, when the total cost of maintenance and replacement is considered, Solar LED lights become cheaper. Traditional street lights require poles to be setup, which is investment heavy.


  1. Visibility

Solar LED street lights use LED lights, which can be made to resemble sunlight more, greatly increasing the night time visibility. Traditional street lights use metal filament lamps, which come nowhere come closer to beating the visibility of LED lights.

  1. Dependability

Solar LED street lights draw power from a rechargeable battery, which is charged during the day time. Powercuts and grid failures do not affect Solar street lights. Traditional street lights, on the other hand, stop working when there’s a power failure.

Top 5 Solar LED street lights on amazon India


1. Mazda Energy Solar Street Light by Mazda Energy

This 5W Solar LED street light comes with 56 LED chips and an inbuilt maintenance free battery. The products spans 38 * 19 * 9 cms. The apparatus is equipped with a light sensor, which triggers the light at night time.

 2.   Cinagro 60W waterproof Solar LED street light  by Cinagro 

This integrated 60 Watt Solar LED street light comes with a 2 year warranty. No wires, no connections required and a hassle free experience. It is equipped with a rechargeable battery which runs for 12 hours when fully charged.

3. NERISOL Anaisha Solar LED Metal 9W Street Light Luminary by Nerisol

Works on 12 V battery and is equipped with automatic intensity adjustments, turning the intensity of the Street light based on the light outside.

4. Fevino 9Watt All in One Solar Street Light by Fevino

Installed with a 11.1 V maintenance free lithium battery. Highly efficient charging, with less than 10% power loss. Ideal for gardens, school yards, highways etc. Works well in harsh climates.

5. FEVINO Solar Street Light 12WATT

This model is similar to the previous one, but a slight variation. The LED light runs on !2 Watt instead of 9 and is brighter than it’s 9 Watt version.

This post has introduced you to Solar LED street lights, walked you through why it is better than using non solar street lights and some of the best Solar LED street lights available in India.

Selecting the one that best suits your requirements is essential. Plan first and choose later.

This article is written by Mr.Fawaz Sullia of Creators Den.

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